Let your data do the talking.

Get insight from your data by querying in natural language, not code.


Explore your data with a host of predefined views specifically designed for wholesale banking.


Get the answers from your data by querying data in a way that suits your skillset.


Save and automate queries for delivery in your inbox, to be shared with your team, or globally.

FinTech Data

Data-driven insight isn't just for FinTechs.

As a wholesale banking provider your business is built on data. You have data everywhere yet insight is in short supply, whereas FinTechs have so little data but no shortage of insight. Why?

Where is your data?

With such large deposits of data it's inevitable that there will be duplicates, different formats, and different sources. Determining what data is the right data for you is difficult!

Can you access your data?

Once you've found your data, you need to access it. Now for the paperwork and service desk tickets to be bounced around multiple teams for weeks! Getting access to the data is slow!

Can you understand your data?

Brilliant you've finally got your hands on the data you need, but wait you can't interpret it and need an expert! Wholesale banking data is complex!

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Giving everyone the power to discover value in data.

We've worked in wholesale banking for over 20 years and believe that data is universally valuable no matter what your skillset. So we've applied all our experience and we've built a wholesale banking data platform that makes data:

Simple to find

Integration with existing systems is a breeze and once integrated the platform begins to learn who is using what, where and when.

Quick to access

Built on the latest in-memory storage and with our in-depth knowledge of complex data formats data is lightning quick to access.

Easy to understand

With its out of the box data dictionary, and natural language processing backed by machine learning your data becomes more and more meaningful over time.

iPad dashboard

Data Discovery Features

Powerful tools to make finding insight in your data a breeze.


Don't understand SQL? Find data easily using our natural language and recommendation engine.



Like a particular shared query? Rate its value for your colleagues to see and refer to in the future.



Written a query that others could benefit from? Share it with individuals, groups or globally.



Want dynamic updates on data? Schedule automatic generation and delivery of reports.



Have a comment about particular query? Write a comment to the author for their feedback.



What are you looking for? Machine learning continually optimizes recommendations and results.