Stay ahead of regulation.

See the who, what, when and how of your data at anytime, in any place.


Define who sees what, where and when.


Monitor every aspect of your data from creation and transformation through to access usage.


Generate audit reports at the click of a button.

Audit report

Don't wait for the auditors.

Two things in life are certain if you're a wholesale bank - increased regulation and annual audits. No longer optional, BCBS 239 makes it mandatory that you understand and trust the data you use to make critical business decisions. You must demonstrate:

Integrated Taxonomies

Banks should establish integrated data taxonomies including information on the characteristics of the data (metadata).

Data Quality

Banks must measure and monitor the accuracy of data and put action plans to be in place to rectify poor data quality.


Banks should be able to meet a broad range of on-demand and ad hoc risk management reporting requests.

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Making audit proactive, not reactive.

C24's data platform provides a solution to the full spectrum of data requirements outlined in BCBS 239. Every aspect from data design, integration and import, through to exploration, querying and reporting is is backed by full data lineage and available on-demand for regulatory inspection.

Full Data Lineage.

See the history of your data in its entirety. Who's used it, where and when.

Calculated trust.

Don't rely on intuition C24 calclates trust based on your feedback from data experts, sources and usage.

Audit ready.

Don't waste thousands of man hours manually producing audit reports. Quickly generate and share data usage reports.

Data lineage

Data Governance Features

Stop spending thousands of man hours preparing for compliance audits.

Data Dictionary

Is your price, my price? A built in data dictionary with visual mapping makes maintaining taxonomies painless.


Data Lineage Reports

Where did that figure come from, how was it transformed and calculated? Data lineage reports track every aspect of your data.


Smart Trust

Smart Trust is scores data by reviewing the meta data surrounding a data source including who accessed the data, how often, and for what.



Manage and corntrol access to new and existing data sources and data feeds with full role based access control.



In the office or on the go remove the anxiety of staying updated about the governance of your data.

Cloud or On-premise

Know your data

Just like knowing your client, knowing your data gives you a 360 degree view of your data.