Connect the dots of your data.

Visually design, model and transform your data for rapid integration.


Design data models faster than ever using a simple to use Graphical Development Environment.


Integrate all your data sources including object stores, RDBMS, flat file, to complex hierachical structures, and APIs.


With our high performance in-memory storage allows you to ingest huge volumes of data at lightning speed.

Java code

The time for data management is now.

Your reference data, transaction data, and instrument data is most likely being warehoused across the enterprise leaving it susceptible to:

Data Duplication

Data comes in from a variety of sources and is often duplicated by teams within the same organisation for their own purposes. Which data, is the right data?

Poor Data Lineage

Once data has been entered the organisation it is sliced and diced for use within you money making applications. Wait, where did that value come from?

Lack of Trust

Raw, enriched, transformed, cloned and warehoused. Determining which source of data should be trusted and used takes forever, and opinions differ!

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Futureproof your data integration strategy.

Wholesale banking is built around meta-data. From data quality to a unified view of the financial world using messaging standards such as ISO 20022. We've been working with this meta-data for over 20 years and have engineered our data integration tools to be:

No more misunderstanding.

A built in data dictionary and recommendation engine recognizes commonalities and presents suggestions

Keep score of data.

Trust can be calculated, with continuous scoring based on usage you can visible learn to trust your data.

Built for scale.

A powerful in-memory back end means you can rapidly adapt data queries and get results fast.

Data platform architecture

Data Integration Features

Don't waste time coding solutions, just connect them and start adding value.

Data Dictionary

Is your price, my price? A built in data dictionary with visual mapping makes maintaining taxnomies painless.



Need an API? Feed data via API and embed C24 into your existing applications with RESTful APIs for scoring, and recommendations.

Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop Design

Adding a new data source and need to map its taxonomy? Just drage and drop the fields and the system will learn the new data source.



Need data on-demand? Patent-pending binary storage of data access makes the system blazingly fast.



Stay up to date! All the latest financial message standards from SWIFT to DTCC are supported and built in.

Cloud or On-premise

Cloud or On-premise

Want to host your own? Host C24's Data Platform in your own data center.