As innovative new start ups and technologies disrupt the global economy, there is one thing which remains constant - financial payments and transfers.

Countries, businesses and consumers are united by payments and transfers. We all have to make them, and we all rely on them. They are a critical component to a thriving economy, and thus it is absolutely necessary they are universally understood and as efficient as possible.

ISO 20022 is the next wave in developing a common set of messages for the financial industry, and the most widely acknowledged implementation is that of the Single European Payments Area (SEPA). In essence, ISO 20022 defines two things: a business model, from which messages to support the business interactions between participants are derived. It then further defines rules for deriving concrete implementations of these messages from the abstract meta-models. These can (currently) be either XML or ASN.1, and are subject to semantic validation constraints independent of the underlying syntax.

C24 Studio provides access to the entire ISO 20022 business model out-of-the-box. You can download and use the tool today to browse, deploy and extend any base ISO 20022 message structure that you need to use. Enhanced versions of the base ISO 20022 model incorporating full semantic constraint validation as defined in SWIFT Standards MX are available as C24 Standards Libraries.


What is ISO 20022?

A guide to ISO 20022 and why it was developed.

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The first widely adopted ISO 20022 backed standard

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