Bi-directional transformation rules for SWIFT MT to SWIFT MX

Be ready for the future of SWIFT and simplify coexistence

Developer Libraries

Prebuilt Java libraries for SWIFT MT and SWIFT MX require minimal developer effort to integrate with existing systems.

Validation Rules

Prevent costly errors. Built in SWIFT message validation rules ensure your messages will be acknowledged on the SWIFT network.

Mappings & Transforms

C24's powerful transform capabilities make mapping ISO15022 (MT) and ISO 20022 (MX) message definitions simple for numerous MT-MX pairs.

Annual Updates

Prevent costly annual maintenance. New SWIFT Standards releases are delivered well in advance of SWIFT production release date in November.

AVAILABLE FOR FREE: Open edition SWIFT MT libraries

Learn just how easy it is to integrate SWIFT with our open edition libraries

Migrate to SWIFT MX faster than ever.

Additional SWIFT solutions from C24.


Looking to adopt SWIFT MT? Check out C24's MT Standard Library.

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What is SWIFT?

A guide to SWIFT, why it was developed, and how it is used for interbank connectivity.

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Looking to adopt SWIFT MX? Check out C24's MX Standard Library. 

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